Aion Classic has held many events from pre-registration to now

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NC Japan began accepting pre-registrations for the "Classic Service" scheduled for official service on July 14 in the MMORPG "Aion" on July 7, 021. At the same time as the pre-registration, there is also a "pre-registration role creation" activity, you can get benefits from it. After completing the character created during the period, you can get the "Black Cloud Merchant Wing Feather" with a flight time of +40 and the warehouse pet "Crescent Pagos Egg". You can pre-download the "Classic Service" game client! If you complete the "role creation" during the event, you will get all pre-registered benefits. The "Black Cloud Merchant Wing Feather" with the ability of "Flight Time +40". The warehouse pet "Crescent Pagos Egg" with a "12-compartment pet bag" will be rewarded in the form of coupons at around 12:00 on July 21, 2021. After the Aion Classic is launched, various activities will be regularly maintained and held.

The Aion has been on sale since 2009, and a classic version was launched this year, which has also been sought after by players. In addition, a special website commemorating the 12th anniversary of the service of this work has been released, and various events are being held, such as the theme park-type attraction "Dream World" that can only be enjoyed through on-site services.

To commemorate the start of the service, regular maintenance will be carried out. In this way, you can enjoy a comfortable gaming experience without any restrictions, such as reduced experience points or the inability to obtain Kinah. Before regular maintenance on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, this event strives to become the first classic service. As the No.1 example, you will get an "exclusive title card" for each project! Please take this opportunity to experience classic services. MMOSO provides secure sales of Aion Classic Kinah to protect your account security. Real players can polish it online, so you can buy with confidence. Players can Buy Aion Classic Kinah on

"Agent A" will help you conquer the dungeon and further strengthen the connection with your friends on the weekend! In the in-game questionnaire, you will receive time scrolls of "Draupnir Cave" and "Theobomos Institute or Adma Fort" for 3 consecutive weeks! Take this opportunity to challenge yourself! "Aion" officially opened its 12th anniversary. To commemorate the 12th anniversary, we released a special page today. In addition, starting today, we will also hold "5 Major Events" to commemorate the 12th anniversary. You can get food lovers by tasting the delicious food lined up in the main square of each capital and making shaved ice. You can rent swimsuits and install photo frames on-site to take commemorative photos. Playing with the installed cookies, let us enjoy the Aion in a completely different atmosphere.

From July 14, 2021, to July 28, 2021, the cost of re-adjusting items and upgrading is only 1Kinah. MMORPG was officially launched in July 2009 and currently enjoys a high reputation in more than 60 countries/regions including Asia, North America, and Europe. You can experience the flight of the three races of Elyos, Asmodians, and Belarus in a 360° space, not only "vertical x horizontal", but also "flying" to increase "height". The announcement does not say how this will affect free players and paying players, so you just have to wait until it starts to get ideas. MMOSO provides secure sales of Aion Classic Kinah to protect your account security. Real players can polish it online, so you can buy with confidence.