How to style like a goth

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In this blog, get info about how to style like a goth

You've always wanted to dress like a goth at work or school, but don't know where to start? You want to know what to dress to get a true goth style and satisfy your desire to be noticed? Don't worry, our alternative fashion team has you covered.


You've always wanted to dress up like a goth at work or school, but don't know where to begin? You want to know how to dress in a real gothic manner that will make you stand out?

Don't worry, our team of alternative fashion experts, namely gothic fashion experts, is here to help you understand everything. Briefly summarised:

Girls and boys must dress in black and wear ensembles that blend materials such as leather, lace, or suede to be labelled goth. Add some magnificent jewellery, such as chains, bracelets, and necklaces, to complete your style. Alternative cultural symbols such as the pentagram, Baphomet, and the skull must also be included.


As you may know, Gothic fashion evolved from the UK's post-punk scene in the 1970s and 1980s, and the goth movement's popularity has grown to the point that hundreds, if not millions, of individuals across the world now sport this distinct appearance.

Furthermore, gothic apparel, like other alternative fashion trends, has its own set of guidelines. So, if you want to join into the gothic scene, you need first understand the basics of this famous movement and recognise certain defining qualities that have existed since the beginning.


Depending on your hobbies, you have a lot of flexibility with the materials you use in Gothic Fashion. Most people associate gothic clothing with black leather from head to toe. No, that is not the case. Leather is undeniably popular in this style of clothing. It will be used, but most likely in combination with other fabrics.

Cashmere, cotton velvet, or suede can all be used to make something stunning. They keep you warm in the winter and let you shine at night. Nothing is beyond limits, whether it's black lace or satin, viscose or muslin. You'll be able to create a variety of clothes by mixing fabrics, materials, and cuts with them. Furthermore, by experimenting with different combinations, you can obtain either a romantic, chic, streetwear or sexy gothic outfit to show off to these gentlemen!

Obviously, season and temperature will go hand in hand with the materials you choose.


These are more stylish things in and of themselves as bottoms. When wearing gothic pants, midi, or even micro shorts, high socks, tights, or fishnet stockings can help to enhance your appeal while also keeping you warm.

Gothic Fashion has no limits when it comes to footwear, so you may wear anything you like, from platform sneakers to boots, sandals, and high heels.


Gothic fashion is meant to provoke, to draw attention without fear of being judged, to show a rebellious attitude, and, most importantly, to deviate from the accepted norm. As a result, Goths are particularly fond of shredded clothes and fishnets.

Don't be afraid to try on black jeans, denim shorts, leggings, torn tights, and t-shirts with created holes in the fabric, which are all staples of Gothic Fashion.